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About Casey.

Hello and welcome to Casey in the Clouds!

I’ll be your hostess, Casey!

What’s with the name, you ask? Due to my attention span and daydreamy, spacey personality, Casey in the Clouds is a nickname my mother gave to me when I was younger. I have been that way forever – always thinking about things, zoning out in conversations, getting lost in my own imagination and fairy tales.

Baking has always been one of my favorite activities. While I often forget what ingredients I have added, or lost track of just how many cups or teaspoons I have added of specific ingredients, I have learned to cook by taste, texture and smell rather than by recipe. A pinch of this, a tablespoon of that – the same way my grandmother used to give out recipes!

I started this blog for myself – a way to keep track of dishes that I make or ones I find that I would love to try. Keeping an online journal of sorts has helped me to keep track of the recipes I have loved! Along my journey, I am grateful to have found a great group of friends – all you amazing followers! Thanks for all of your continued support in my cooking endeavors!

Now off to take that meatloaf casserole out of the oven – -